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Quiet Courage
the definitive account of Flight 93 and its aftermath
by Glenn J. Kashurba, M.D.

Quiet Courage: the definitve account of Flight 93 and its aftermath is 258 pages and softbound. $19.95

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        Courage After the Crash, by Glenn J. Kashurba , M.D., is the definitive account of the aftermath of the crash of Flight 93, told through unique photographs and oral histories of witnesses, first responders, investigators and crash site workers.

        Courage After the Crash features over 100 first person accounts and over 100 unique photographs. It is 200 pages hardbound with dust jacket. 8.5 x 10 inches $34.95

All author royalties as well as publisher’s proceeds are donated to 9/11 and children’s related charities.

This is the story of Flight 93 that you have not yet seen and heard!”

~John E. Schlimm II, Autograph Collector Magazine

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State-of-the-art advice for raising healthy children...required reading for every parent and caregiver.”

~Bill Cosby

        The definitive book on raising your child from infancy through the prepubescent years, written by members of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. With its easily accessible and comprehensive material on the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive development of children, Your Child is an important tool for any parent.

Hardbound $27.50 Softbound $15.00

A straightforward and trustworthy guide.”

~Parenting magazine

A wonderful resource for parents, caregivers, and everyone involved in th life of a teen.”

~Bill Cosby

        The definitive book for parents on raising your adolescent from early adolescent through the teen years. Your Adolescent is an invaluable guide for parents through the challenges of raising a teenager, and provides practical advice on positive parenting practices, how to recognize normal development, and when to look for professional help.

Hardbound $27.50 Softbound $18.00

Your Child and Your Adolescent are extremely valuable tools for those on the front line of child care...”

~Horace Deets, executive director, AARP

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